Currency Exchange: The local currency is BGN - bulgarian leva. The rate is fixed to the Euro at 1.95lv., so you can exchange approximately 1 Euro for 2 Leva. Look for the sign "CHANGE" at the streets, or you can exchange in the hotels, at the airport or in the banks for higher commission.

Transportation: The taxi is relatively cheap in Sofia, it would cost you less then 5 leva in most situations. Look for taxies from popular companies like "OK" or "91 280" which have better rates and are more correct. There is lots of public transportation for which you need to buy a ticket from 0.50lv. upfront. If you decide to use the shuttles, you should pass 1.50lv to the driver inside, but to use them you should know well the shuttle route because they are always in a hurry.

Language: The official language is Bugarian and the alphabet is Cyrilic. Many bulgarians have studied at school as a second language French or German, so don't expect from everybody at the street to speak English. If you ask 2-3 people however or at places like hotels or the airport, your chances to get information in English are pretty high.